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Top 5 Tools A Brokerage Should Provide New real estate agents

Thinking about changing Brokerages? Not sure who to choose? What should you even be looking for? A lot of times as a new agent, we tend to choose our Broker blindly, simply because we just don’t know better. 
New agents who join Custom Fit Real Estate Group tell me their biggest issue with their previous Broker was the lack of support and mentorship. When you have a question, who will be there to turn to for answers?
In this blog article, we discuss the main tools a brokerage should provide to new real estate agents.

Top Five Tools Your Real Estate Brokerage Should Provide You With


Are there classes available to take? Are there agents you can shadow? What do they provide to help you? At Custom Fit Real Estate Group, we practice scripts four times a week, along with additional meetings and classes to refine our skills. I personally work one-on-one with all new agents at our Brokerage to ensure they are on the fast track to success!


Having a mentor provides immeasurable value to you as a new agent! Your brokerage should have a point person available to answer your questions or bounce an idea off of. On our real estate team, the Broker, Coltyn Simmons, and myself are available 24/7 for calls or texts. Beyond the two of us, there are a handful of experienced teammates that you can call upon for assistance also. We are all here to see you succeed!


Having the right organizational tools is going to help you set up a strong foundation for future business. Our Brokerage provides:

Quality Leads

Now, leads can be tricky! When asking your Broker about Leads, you always want to ask, “how many of these leads were converted the previous year?” If they don’t have an answer, that means they aren’t tracking the results, and probably aren’t investing in good leads for you.  There is a huge difference between receiving a white pages style lead list to cold call, and receiving leads from a strategic paid advertisement with clients who are ready to go. Is your current Broker setting you up for success?


You should feel motivated and supported by your Broker and all the agents in the Brokerage! If the vibe feels off, it just may not be the place for you, and that’s ok! Custom Fit Real Estate hosts everything from Taco and Tequila Open houses, Trunk or Treat Events, Happy Hours, Top Golf, Paint and Pinot, and we even held a contest where our top 5 agents went to Texas and Miami for training conferences. We learn together. We succeed together. At Custom Fit, you’ll feel like family.

If you’re looking for a Brokerage that has you and your real estate businesses best interest in mind, connect with us. We’re here to help!

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