Coltyn Simmons of Custom Fit Real Estate featured in Forbes

Coltyn Simmons Talks Real Estate Business

Featured in Forbes

With over 15 years in the real estate industry, Coltyn Simmons, Broker and Realtor of Custom Fit Real Estate, has knowledge and experience that far expands what real estate school teaches prospective agents.

As a real estate agent, you’re often left to your own demises. Being a business owner can prove both beneficial and problematic, but it’s really about outlook and ultimately how you want to run your business. Research, data, surveys, and pure “gut instincts” all play a part in some of the most successful businesses.

As outlined in a recent Forbes article, thought leaders in various industries discussed “Why Looking Toward Your Inner Guidance Is Best For Your Business”. Coltyn Simmons was selected as a real estate industry thought leader and featured in this article. He discussed the importance of preemptively creating solutions, stating “as business owners and entrepreneurs, we tend to focus more on chasing after the problems than preemptively creating solutions.”

The article goes on to outline additional points business owners and entrepreneurs should take into consideration when looking to run successful and exciting businesses. Such as:

  • Turning every failure into a victory
  • Having an adaptive mindset
  • Listening to your inner guidance

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