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First 10 Things You Should Learn as a New Agent

YOU’RE A LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT! Congratulations!!! But, now what?
Getting started in real estate can feel like an uphill battle. How do you know what you don’t know? You learn! And we’re here to help you do just that. Below are the top 10 things we’ve found new agents should learn FIRST! Master the basics and you will succeed.
  1. MLS Searches – Automatic Searches, Client Portals, Knowing the Matrix
  2. Open Houses – Find a way to stand out while building your database. KNOW YOUR STUFF! Have a strategy, like the one we teach at Custom Fit Real Estate Group.
  3. Residential Purchase Agreement – How to understand and present to get ACCEPTED!
  4. Objection Handling –  Learn to talk the talk! Our team practices scripts four days a week on Zoom. Find a partner, pick a script, and practice, practice, practice!
  5. Lockboxes – They definitely have quirks! Knowing how to use a lockbox and the SentriKey app will make your showings seamless in front of your clients.
  6. Running Comps – Learning how to value homes will get you listings and help you provide value around every corner.
  7. Listing Presentation – KNOW the Listing Agreement, how to present comps, and ensure you have top notch marketing. Our team has Custom Fit Media and Marketing in-house that provides digital and print listing presentations.
  8. Social Media – If you don’t learn how to provide value to your online sphere, they won’t hire you! Don’t be an undercover agent and don’t be afraid to do video!
  9. MINDSET CHECK – Remember, everything in real estate FEELS like a 911, but it isn’t. Learn to set healthy boundaries, proactively find solutions to issues, and focus on staying calm and positive for your clients.
  10. Find a Mentor –  Having someone to show you the way is imperative. You do not need to know everything upfront, but you have to constantly be learning and improving! At Custom Fit Real Estate,  our Broker and General Manager are available to our agents 24/7, along with a group chat for our agents to interact.

If you’re looking for a Brokerage that offers more tools than anywhere else, with a fast track to success, connect with us. We’re here to help!

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