Investing In Yourself As A New Real Estate Agent

Having taken the time to study 90 hours of real estate education, passed the real estate exam, and completed all other requirements, it doesn’t just end there if you expect to be a successful real estate agent. A thriving real estate career is one where you continuously seek to grow yourself by investing in yourself. Are you investing in yourself? What are you doing to invest in your mind and cultivate experiences to help you learn as much as possible? Investing in yourself isn’t just something new real estate agents should do but all agents who want to stay competitive. However, since you’re new you might need some guidance, our General Manager Valerie Peterson offers her top resources that she uses to keep herself a competitive real estate agent. 

A little more about Valerie...

Valerie Peterson is the General Manager of Custom Fit Real Estate Group. She has more than 16 years of experience within the real estate industry, and has worked positions in nearly every aspect of real estate.

She found passion in training and advising real estate agents to help them be the best agents for their clients. She truly enjoys being helpful and supportive to agents seeking help. 

Valerie continues to invest in herself to make sure she’s bringing the latest trends and knowledge on real estate to the table. How is she investing in herself? Reading about real estate, podcasts about real estate, EVERYTHING real estate! Her latest investment actions for herself took her to Charleston, South Carolina for the BoomTown Unite conference. This makes her such a valuable asset not only to Custom Fit Real Estate, but to all agents who turn to her for knowledge. 


Val's Top Resources

Keeping Current Matters on YouTube

KCM releases a weekly market update. This allows you to get the latest national real estate data from a trusted source. KCM is a leading organization for educating agents on real estate content and marketing. Check out the Keeping Current Matters YouTube page and see how they can be a helpful tool for your career. 


Tom Ferry is a real estate coach and guru. He provides tons of free training tools from scripts, to strategy, and current market state. Utilize him to help you grow your business and yourself. The Coach Tom Ferry YouTube page releases videos daily, so be sure to take advantage of his resources. 

Books! - Read Read REad!

Reading is such an integral part of investing in yourself. Get your hands on as many real estate books that you can. Don’t have time to sit and read? Audiobooks are just fine and you can listen while you drive around! Val’s top three favorite books are: 7 Levels of Communication by Michael J Maher, Relentless by Tim S. Grover, and Your First Year In Real Estate by Dirk Zeller. 

Equity Growth Map

Being resourceful is a daily practice for a successful agent. A top resource is the equity growth map to help you stay familiar with the top money producing zip codes so that you have an educated input about the market based on facts. Your clients will not only appreciate your know how, but also trust you as a reliable source. You can use SalesTraq to see the top equity growing zip codes for Las Vegas, NV. 

Time In The Field

Finding a mentor in any career is important, but having a mentor in real estate is invaluable. Try to establish a relationship with an experienced real estate agent who is willing to let you shadow their listing appoints, showings, or open houses. This time in the field will build your confidence, allow you to be comfortable with clients, and guide you to being the top tier agent you are capable of being. Looking for a mentor? Don’t know who to turn to?  At Custom Fit Real Estate, we train a lot through mentorship! Joining a team as a new real estate agent allows you to gain experience quickly. A team offers tons of in field opportunity and resources that are already gathered for you. It also helps keep you accountable and therefore pushes you to grow and become the best real estate agent you can be. 

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