Top 10 Things New Agents Should Know

Being a brand new agent can seem daunting especially if you don’t have the resources to help you. Valerie Peterson, General Manager of Custom Fit Real Estate Group, helps prepare you for a successful career in real estate with these 10 things every new agent should know.

10 things you should know as a new agent

Get to know these 10 things front and back as a strong foundation for your success: 

  1. MLS Searches – You need to know how to look for houses and send them to your clients.
  2. Open Houses – Learn how to network and gather clients from open houses, it’s a practice!
  3. Residential Purchase Agreement – RPA – This is how you’ll write offers and in a competitive market you’ll need to know how to do it fast!
  4. Objection Handling – Learn how to handle it when someone gives you a little bit of push back. 
  5. Lockboxes – These can be finicky, make sure you know how to figure out different lockboxes.
  6. Running Comps – You want to know how to price up a home efficiently and get accurate price points.
  7. Listing Presentation – How are you going to present yourself and your value to a client when you meet with them.
  8. Social Media – The most useful tool you can get in to. Master your social media to build your career. 
  9. Mindset Check – This industry can be a roller coaster, make sure you can handle the ups and the downs to stay motivated and build your growth. 
  10. Find A Mentor! – Finding a mentor can be invaluable because a mentor can save you a lot of time and energy and bring so much value to your career.

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